Title Insurance

Settlement Services

At Ridge Abstract Corp. we provide complete settlement services for residential and commercial transactions alike. We work with a wide array of lenders to provide closing and escrow services. Ridge Abstract Corp. is fully familiar with RESPA requirements, all forms of loan documents, including CEMA's and HELOCS, 1099 filings, and escrow closing instruction compliance for out of state lender based transactions. Ridge Abstract Corp. can meet any lender required bonding amounts to give you "peace of mind."Type your paragraph here.

Above and Beyond

1031 Exchange Services

Ridge Abstract Corp. acts as a qualified intermediary to provide the highest level of service on Internal Revenue Code 1031 like kind exchanges. At Ridge Abstract Corp. we will be with you every step of the way from providing you with IRC requirements for your contract of sale, the necessary forms, and, monitoring of time deadlines in order to insure compliance with the Internal Revenue Code guidelines and requirements. All 1031 exchanges are reviewed and monitored by our in-house Counsel; once again, Ridge Abstract is working closely with you to ensure a smooth transaction.
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Title Insurance Services throughout New York and the U.S.

Ridge Abstract Corp's national title insurance services protect you against loss or damages arising from prior encumbrances against your property. These can include unknown heirs, recording errors, fraud and forgery.

In addition, we're adept at navigating the intricacies of commercial transactions, including sophisticated structured financing and acquisitions, mezzanine financing, condominium conversions and more. 

We research and identify any potential risks, then work to solve the problem before closing. 

We can also provide full settlement, escrow and wire transfer services, multi-property or multi-state transactions, as well as a complete range of last-owner, municipal, lien and corporate franchise tax searches. Type your paragraph here.

UCC Insurance Services

Ridge Abstract Corp., through our underwriter, offers UCC Insurance for lenders and buyers. 

A Lender's Policy insures the attachment, perfection and priority of the secured party's security interest in personal property. It provides previously uncovered risks such as forgery, mis-indexing, gap, lack of capacity and incorrect filing rejection. The UCC Policy decreases reliance on or cost of legal opinion letters and provides an alternative to no-opinion self insurance of the representations of the borrower.

The Owner's Policy insures that the acquired assets are free of lien, including not only the liens of the seller, but also the liens of the intermediate seller of the acquired assets to the seller. The Owner's Policy can be used in a sale of assets, a merger, or any similar transaction. 

In addition, Ridge Abstract can provide a title insurance policy for the purchase or refinance of a co-operative unit. 

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